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tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. on my weekend show. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ [ ♪♪ ]

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>> johnny: johnny joey jones along with lisa boothe, michael marshall come a doctor nicole saphier, and tyrus. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden is in the fight of his political life, facing a make or break weekend that could cost him his reelection, the president campaigning in wisconsin and trying to convince voters he is mentally all there. and he did it from the safety of a teleprompter. >> now you probably heard we had a little debate last week. can't say it was my best performance. there is been a lot of speculation, what's joe going to do? is he going to stay in the race? going to drop out? what is he going to do? here is my answer: i am running and going to win again. [cheers and applause] they are trying to push me out of the race. let me say this as clearly as i

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can. i'm staying in the race. [cheers and applause] they think i'm too old to be donald trump? >> no! >> i can hardly wait. >> johnny: he at least looked at wake, but it was not all smooth. behind the president, "pass the torch, joe." and of course there were some slip-ups. >> i will be donald trump. i will beat him again in 2020. by the way, we are going to do it again in 2024. i know i look 40p i keep seeing those stories i'm too old, i wasn't too old to create over 15 million new jobs. to beat big pharma, the first one to ever do that, lower the cost being one of only two american presidents when he left office with fewer jobs than when he came into office. that's why i call him donald herbert hoover trump. created the largest deficit of any president in one term. now it was announced he wants

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another $5 trillion tax cut. >> johnny: yeah, the president trying to stem the bleeding from one brutal report after another. first we learn how the president told democratic governors that he needs more sleep and he plans to not schedule any events after 8:00 p.m. he also joked it was his brain not his health that was the problem and check out the latest headline from "new york magazine." it talks about the "conspiracy of silence" among democrat officials, activists, and owners, to prevent the public from learning the truth about joe biden's decline. it claims "longtime friends of the biden family were shocked to find that the president did not remember their names." there is another stunning claim, dr. jill biden had to whisper a donor's name into joe biden's ear after he went blank. biden now faces his most critical test yet. he's going to be interviewed by abcs george stephanopoulos. the liberal media is giving us a preview of what george may ask.

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>> if he gets asked directly, do you have early-stage alzheimer's, do you have early-stage dementia? has a doctor told you you have a condition, or was this just an 81-year-old being 81-year-old, he will tell us the truth, i hope we get to us those questions directly to hope he answers them directly. >> today, george stephanopoulos is all of us. every journalist in the country and also many voters who want answers from this president. astoundingly, jim, the white house is almost portraying this interview as a cognitive test, like it is some sort of televised doctor's appointment. >> johnny: yeah, so i guess they reached their up with any. tyrus, did he make everything all good today? >> tyrus: yes, he did. oh, wow, omg moment. >> you are voting biden? >> tyrus: i feel like i'm talking crazy. it's on both sides. why are we even having this

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conversation? there is no speech to save him. we saw that we needed to saw and anybody with a pair of eyes was been watching tv the last three years know everything, they can't fix this, they can't change it, they can't make him . the questions we need to be asking out of what we saw with the debate is who made the call in afghanistan? who is in charge of the pentagon? those are the questions we need to be asking because he officially is letting -- the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., he is available. so do we have an evening? to we have a night shift president? that is the question. how involved is dr. /president jill and his stuff? his son is now creeping around. they have defrauded the american people for over three years. why do we care who replaces him? it's the same corruptness and fraud. it doesn't matter. george stephanopoulos could

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bring jesus christ in today and break the net and he will still call him moses. like, it's over. >> johnny: i think joe biden falls short of both of those. alisa, we watched this montage of liberal media that have covered for joe biden this entire presidency. did they reach an epiphany? are they just now objective and putting america first? or do they see that president trump might win and that scares them? >> lisa: they see that president trump might win and that is why they are intervening in time to force joe biden out of the race. joe biden recently, in an interview with a wisconsin radio host, said oh, my dad taught me, when you get knocked down, you get back up, but can he do that without life alert? and that is the questions that americans are asking themselves right now. that "economist" covered with the walker in the presidential seal and saying no way to run a country, that is what is steered in the minds of americans across the country and it does matter because he is still in this race, he is still vying for the

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presidency, so he is not out. all of this is relevant. it does matter. i worked in political commit occasions for a long time before i got into tv and the rule of three: the first time something happens, it's a story. the second time it is starting to get legs, the third time it is a full-blown narrative. we are i in a narrative, so much so i five-point increase in americans who think he is too old to be president since the debate. i think maybe he could survive it if inflation wasn't so bad, if the border wasn't so chaotic, if the world wasn't in the midst of potentially a third world war. but he was supposed to be the anti-chaos candidate and we are having conversations if he has dementia. >> johnny: i haven't made it to that second time where it starts to get legs just yet. i need to leave those jokes alone, this is serious business. doctor, i want to play this clip, i believe this is cnn's chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta talking about the medical side of it. >> testing can be so important,

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and i think the real question you are trying to answer is are these episodes just episodes that can be explained by lots of things, or is this reflective of something that is deeper? if he were my patient, frankly, if you were my father, i would advocate for this sort of testing. >> johnny: what do you think, doctor? >> dr. saphier: sanjay gupta, i like him a lot, he is a narrow surgeon like my husband. i wrote an opinion piece for the daily mail, september 2022, saying the exact same thing, saying we are starting to see a physical and mental decline in the president and i started calling fort cognitive tests at the annual physical, and i started getting called out for, you know, just criticizing it i shouldn't be doing that, blah, blah, blah. now across-the-board doing it. they just cannot deny it anymore. it is just in their face. it is very disingenuous to not have been doing it for a while because the american people have watched this. we have seen president biden continue to talk about this, let's put his cognitive decline

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aside. what about the fact he continues to say president trump is the only president who left office with fewer jobs? we were in the middle of a global pandemic. do they think the american people are so dumb to really think that is a stat worth campaigning on? absolutely not. it just goes to show you how little respect they have for the intelligence of the american people and if they keep saying look at this bright little colored things we are waving in front of you, don't attention to what is actually happening behind the scenes, just continue to vote for us, that is the opinion they have of the american people and they are continuing to do so with president biden. >> johnny: leslie, i know you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and choose violence every day. [laughter] is the real story here all of these big-name donors that are pulling out and saying we are not going to give another dime until someone else is on the ticket, is that a real concern and could that actually be the

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deciding factor? >> leslie: no, and no p of the reason is we have a most $30 billion that comes in after that terrible debate performance, okay? how much is going to come in when he has more and better performances? and i want to speak to that, okay? people will say, oh, they make assumptions, you are a liberal or a democrat, this is what you think, no, this is what i think be a guy thought it was a terrible debate. if i saw that repeatedly, that would be a problem for me as a voter, regardless of my party and regardless of who is running. one. two, i don't think that this interview tonight is where we put everything because you need more. first of all, you need something in the evening. second of all, you need something where it is not just one person or if it is a teleprompter because most of us know, most of us know that if we interview people of this calib caliber, you have parameters, when you interview a president, former president, high-ranking senators and congressional members, many times the questions are given in advance. so what i would like to see, i would like to see joe biden do a

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nighttime townhome that is not scripted, without a teleprompter, and even then, by the way, you mention jesus christ, let's bring them up. i think of jesus were running as a democrat, republicans would say -- >> with all due respect, it wasn't a one-off. >> tyrus: america has been catfish. >> you are insulting half of the american people. >> tyrus: i was catfish. he hoodwinked them, too come he catfished everybody. >> he said he spoke to dead european leaders. >> donald trump has made no mishap? >> tyrus: i've never seen him -- >> one years old. >> if you can't survive -- >> so don't vote for him -- >> why would i -- first of all, he is a terrible president, even besides being 81, he is one of

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the worst presidents we've ever had. and he can't get through an interview with george stephanopoulos, who he was a democrat operative, still a democrat operative, the only difference is he calls himself a journalist now -- >> an interview with him -- >> johnny: i think we all know this pretaped interview is not one to be the make it moment, like you said, but every moment from here on out could be the break at moment, and i think that is the position he is in. >> leslie: i agree with you. >> johnny: i know you do, because i am right. coming up, donald trump there is not time joe to a second presidential debate. but there is a catch. ♪ ♪

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♪ ♪ >> joey is judging me for my song. donald trump is giving napa time joe biden a chance for a do-over on that horrendous debate disaster seen around the world. but there is a catch. trump saying "i have the answer to the crooked joe biden incompetence puzzle, let's do another debate, this time no holds barred on all discussion with just the two of us on stage talking about the future of our country. check this out, we just got secretly recorded video of trump's grueling take on joe and kamala. >> aging, old broken down pile of trash. >> is that right? >> yep. that means you have kamala. i think she is going to do better. she is so pathetic. she's just a [bleep]. >> just can't imagine -- >> can you imagine that?

9:18 pm

dealing with putin and the president of china, who is a fierce person? he is a fierce man, a very tough guy. they just announced he's probably quitting. just keep knocking him out. >> lisa: keep knocking him ou out. joy reid sounding more unhinged than ever when ranting about donald trump. listen. >> just let me know when you guys are finished figuring it out, democrats, because i know you all freak out people. freak out and have your conversation, and then let me know who i got to vote for to keep hitler out of the white house. that's it, i'm done. oh, and by the way, if it's biden in a coma, i'm going to vote for biden in a coma. i don't even particularly like the guy. a lot of his policy, don't like impure please not donald trump, right? yeah, hitler, white house, we keeping him out, keeping project 2025 out. >> lisa: might assert with tyrus mostly because you --

9:19 pm

[laughs] >> tyrus: i don't know why we echo racist attacks about any group of people, and that is what she is, she is just a racist and calling somebody running for the presidency of the united states hitler, classless, as easy as you get, but nothing compares to hitler. there is nothing -- but this is what happens. this is a bad idea by president trump. this is one of those things i talked about where republicans, we don't know how to play with a lead. we are a 45 in the fourth and they are going to make a 46.1 with 2 minutes to go because we always do this. why would you want come at this point, to debate what we saw? i thought president trump showed great restraint during that debate, even a little compassion, that was the one thing come he doesn't know what he is saying, but going to walk you down the steps or seeing joe body language, a lot of things president trump could do and would do, and if you listen to people like joy reid, you would assume he would do, but he was not that way. i think it would be much better to say there is no point to debating him come he is a sick

9:20 pm

man, and i will not have any part. he is still challenging him like biden has his stuff together. this is a sick man being used by his family. it is not a political thing to me at all. i would like to have two great choices to represent this country. i don't have to be right or vote for the right person. i can lose and be fine. but what has been happening to us and we have been bamboozled, and i said it before, catfish, who is running our country and making these decisions? biden is a relevance of president trump, that debate will live forever and there is no reason to go back. >> lisa: i don't have sib at the for joe biden just because this is a guy who has let her go of the worst character assassinations of history, when he got 13 service members killet beside that, there is that sayiu give give someone enough rope, e as that would donald trump should do? or is this leaked video we are talking our household and our friends? >> johnny: for all intents and

9:21 pm

purposes, donald trump won the debate, but he won the debate by letting joe biden losing. there were a lot of points where he could've snapped back, took a shot. of course, the moments when he did, why it was about golf, which is kind of funny, but even on the afghanistan thing, he did not drive that point home and to begin with i was like, why not? and then you watch, and now you watch the liberal media come in and take issue, had donald trump performed any stronger, they would've had to align with donald trump to call out these moments, just by being quiet come he left them to their own devices. i don't know if it was with them, dumb welcome or strategy, it worked really well. we have a truth social post and a video that for what we know he didn't know was going to leak out there and that is the only clap back we have had from him. he is letting joe biden and the democrats look like they don't have a clue what is going on for a week now and that has hurt them bad. i believe, in the age of cell phones and instagram, everything can turn on a dime. as bad as it looks right now,

9:22 pm

next week, the story could be complete the different. that is just how american politics are. they don't seem to have that strategy down pack. the policy might tout accompaniments. >> lisa: imagine this guy dealing with putin or the president of china. whether it is dementia or the memory lapses, is he capable of making these big calls? >> dr. saphier: i'll be honest, by watching some of his public statements, it does seem to be the laughingstock on the world stage be a guy was just in italy, and it is really embarrassing but also concerning from a national standpoint p required green, tunnel trump won the debate but because he showed restraint, but like you heard from joy reid, you have a large population that will vote for whatever democrat is there, whether joe biden in a nursing home or coma, it does not matter, they will not vote for president trump, so republicans are -- they have to be careful because they lost to joe biden's basem*nt campaign.

9:23 pm

they thought there was going to be a red wave in 2022, that didn't happen. here we go, 2024, they need to start talking about the issues, especially the reproductive rights issues that a lot of people are watching closely. donald trump, yes, he showed restraint, but he didn't necessarily answer some questions and republicans need to be running on the issues. >> lisa: democrats probably wish they kept him in a basem*nt after that debate. leslie, is joe biden the best you guys have? >> leslie: he is who the people want to. he has the delegates. would he be my choice? no. you are all going to make faces, but i would love to have mike governor gavin newsom be running. i think he could win. this is the political process, and i have heard, they would write trump and if he were buried and dead for over a year. there is that sentiment on both sides, democrats are going to vote democrat, republicans vote republican, that the numbers we see and that is why it comes down to six states and the independent voters within those swing states.

9:24 pm

i want to say something, if i may, i think i'm the only one of jewish persuasion on the table. and i want to say something about what joy reid said because it really infuriates me, as somebody who has family who died in the holocaust. at the orders of an adolf hitler. i can't stand when anybody -- i'm not a fan of donald trump. but he is not adolf hitler. nobody but hitler was adolf hitler. and i am personally offended when anybody, democrat or republican, invoke the name of hitler when they are talking about modern-day politicians. let's be very clear. adolf hitler ordered the murder of 11 million people. 6 million were jews another time only 14 million jews are on the planet, so he nearly wiped out half of the jewish people on earth. so i just want to say, i can't stand -- i know people, she's a democrat -- >> tyrus: i will have your back all day on that. >> lisa: we are at a draw because i wholeheartedly agree with everything you said in the

9:25 pm

latter statement. totally disagree with what you said about gavin newsom. i will call it a draw for this friday p it's b3 50/50, i'll drink to that. >> lisa: coming up now, this has got to sting. biden's friends in the liberal media are twisting the knife and mocking joe biden with pictures of walkers. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ when the sawdust settles and the engine finally roars the thing you care about most is a job well done. ♪ but when you get your tools from harbor freight something about the job feels a little different - your wallet. because we believe no matter what you're working on you need high quality tools at a great price. and that's what we're all about. ♪ whatever you do, do it for less, at harbor freight. ♪

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9:30 pm

befuddled old man struggling to recall words and facts. unfortunately, and this is brutally true, the passage of time goes one way, and the impact on mental acuity, it only goes one way, and i think that is the reason we wrote what we did, which was pretty tough, i admit, and that is because this is the toughest job in the world, and you can't run a presidency on auto queue. >> even joe biden's fiercest media ally joe scarborough sounding skeptical of the president staying in the race. >> this happened eight days ago, and decision time is not upon us yet. though it may be coming soon, republicans want idolized an aging republican president whose decline was so bad, let and incoming gate know my chief of staff howard baker to commission a study of the 25th amendment in

9:31 pm

case they needed to use it on ronald reagan. so please, please, republicans, please right-wing media outlet outlets, spare us your moral indignation. over a man who had a really, really terrible debate, but a man who has been the most effective president over the past three and a half years. >> okay, tyrus. [laughter] >> tyrus: i'm sorry. listen, as a man who has been in touch with the wife -- >> i was going to ask you, does mika have a right to have joe sleep on the coach because right after the debate he had a knee-jerk reaction like many of my fellow democrats did. >> tyrus: the one with the problem is the wife. this should be the reaction of every democrat. let's just put it on me.

9:32 pm

since i like the orange guy. let's say i just found out all of the orange guy's policies and everything he said was being done by amoroso, i would not be a happy republican. this person has been running the country and these things have been going on and all of this drama and cocaine in my white house and people having sex in the capitol and all of this stuff going on and we don't know the guy who runs the pentagon is out sick, this has been going on. i would be furious as a voter. you know what? i'm not voting for you or anybody who represents you because you misread me. these are not backstabbing, these are not jerks, i invested in you and you didn't have, you love the country and you are going to save us from a dictator? a dictator doesn't leave when he can't do his job anymore, he stays until he dies. if biden cared about the democratic party when he stated slipping, we saw a year and a half ago it started getting

9:33 pm

worse, this should have been him giving a grand speech about i'm going to finish out my term as president and i can't do it anymore. you know people god by kamala or whoever you pick, progressive stuff nobody voted for, not you or any american people, so they are not the bad guys, these are the good guys who are finally stepping up. some of them were in on it and they are bailing because that buyer's remorse. >> leslie: i want to ask you, do you get your news from the editor in chief at "the economist"? i think we are going to agree on that. >> i don't. the american people should be furious at the media. look at where we are in american history right now. we have a president who cannot operate outside of the hours of 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. how is this not the biggest scandal in american history right now? and the media covered it up. not only did they cover it up, they condemned and attacked those of us who called it the truth, they called it cheap fakes. this is the biggest cheap fake in american history with what we are seeing with the media.

9:34 pm

the media is the biggest threat to democracy. the american people expect to be lied to by politicians, expect white house press secretary to go out there and spin you, but the media are supposed to tell us the truth, they are supposed to be the border state, holding them accountable, and ever since donald trump walked down that golden escalator, all they have told his lies. you go from the russia collusion, the hunter biden laptop story, they lied about what trump said about charlottesville, you look at these cheap fakes videos, that was a lie. it is lie after lie. so that is a scandal, they are the biggest right to democracy. >> leslie: she talks about lies. if it's bad that biden come allegedly president biden and his administration and white house is my income is it bad that donald trump, who is a former president, running for president, is lie in? and why is it bad if joe biden decides to go to bed at 8:00 p.m. when george w. bush understood two years of age went to bed at 9:00 p.m.? >> johnny: i will take the first one first. take lies out of it.

9:35 pm

take lies out of it. tell me, is it worse to speak in hyperbole or to be so apparently out of it that you can't remember the fact to begin with? donald trump will say something like "i'm going to get all of those troops out of afghanistan" and then he will come back and say, the plan is we are going to keep 2500 there until the taliban does this or not. joe biden says something like my son died in iraq. you know what veterans sitting at home feel when he says something like that? he amended it to my son died because of a rack. i lost my legs in afghanistan, i fall down and get hit by a previous, i did not fall because of afghanistan a certain honor comes from that. using every tragedy his family has ever suffered discourse on political cheap point. is that a lie? i will let the voters decide but it is absolutely meant as a political tactic and half the time i don't know if he doesn't actually believe it. so when donald trump gets up there and says something that is hyperbolic, there are times when i cringe and times when i think it is funny. there are very few times i think

9:36 pm

he is doing it because he thinks he is going to convince 100 million americans that that is a fact. i think that style of donald trump compared to what we are seeing in joe biden is very obviously different to the independent voters in those five swing states, one of which being michigan, people swinging towards donald trump. >> leslie: i'm going to get the doctor. doctor, i am somebody who believes both candidates, and i think honestly anybody running for president, should be put through testing and cognitive testing, but not some of the cognitive tests that are out there that i've tried myself, and i felt were pretty simply stick. >> lisa: we have seen publicly president biden has taken two cognitive tests and submitted the results to the american people, anybody over the age of 65 really should be having annual cognitive tests. joe biden has not done that and even on his annual health updates, they do not even mention his cognition. so i do think it would behoove them to do that. the interview tonight, you heard brian stelter say, it's a live doctors interview to see if his

9:37 pm

cognition -- no, it's a daytime taped interview, absolutely not that. should he at this point have a cognitive exam? yes. not necessarily because he is the president, just because he showed. anyone at his age said, especially if he is expected to have executive function. he is the executive of the united states of america. he absolutely should. it is very disheartening that he has not been complete the honest. to echo what lisa said, i don't get is the biggest scandal, his decline, that's not the biggest scandal. it's the media cover-up of his decline over the last several years, and in my opinion that's the biggest scandal piazza be to use that over 65, so would it be fair that any candidate over six to five demor republican -- >> dr. saphier: medicare recommends, that is why it is covered by medicare. president biden has not been having it. even if he had it come are they going to disclose that to the united states when they still want him to be there? they may not.

9:38 pm

>> going to have to talk about this during the break. >> leslie: absolutely. ahead on "the five," did vice president kamala harris engage in a cover-up? why a replacement talk could be doomed. ♪ ♪

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9:42 pm

[woman 4] from gas stations to dispensaries. i had no idea. talk to your children well before they experiment with today's potent thc products. get educated. help them understand the dangers are real. just say know. k-n-o-w. go to today for the facts. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. president biden talking to reporters before leaving wisconsin just moments ago. take a look. >> reporter: mr. president, how can you say democracy is at risk, and you are the best candidate to beat donald trump? >> because i have beaten it before and i've gotten more done than any president has. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> you have been wrong about

9:43 pm

everything so far. you were wrong about 2020. you were wrong about 2022. remember the red wave? you were wrong about 2023, the tough race, we won them all. look, we'll see. >> reporter: have you spoken to members of congress? who have you spoken to? >> at least 20. >> reporter: what are they telling you, sir? >> they are telling me to stay in the race. >> joey, they were saying to him, talking to him about how he is feeling for the upcoming election and he feels confident. >> johnny: giving the right answers. does that look like an old man that struggles to communicate standing next to a jet? every single time he steps in front of a camera stripped it or not is going to be scrutinized. just now he gave the answers he had rehearsed and one of the last questions, one of the last questions there, have you heard from or have you answered, do you respect the opinion of people in your party? alluding to those house democrats who told him to step

9:44 pm

out of the race. he said all of the governors told me to stay in. he is pivoting. he is doing what he is supposed to. >> dr. saphier: lisa, we heard after the meeting with the governors, they came out and started seeing tweets or posts on x saying i'm in the race from president biden and the governors were saying we are behind joe biden. is this to kind of look like a unified front until the democrat national convention? >> lisa: he also told us he wasn't aware of his sons business dealings. let's not believe everything. let's not believe everything this guy says. but he has an insurance policy. and her name is kamala harris. there was in a report from americo and bridge, and one donor said kamala harris is more threatening to those swing state voters than a dead joe bin or comatose joe biden. democrats can't, if it's not joe, it has to be kamala, one, ftc and campaign cash, but more importantly, democrats can't say we screwed the pooch with

9:45 pm

joe biden, and then we also dated with kamala harris? why would you ever trust a democrat? how can we trust democrats at this point? you can't say we screwed the pooch with joe biden and kamala harris. how could anyone put their faith and whoever is the next democrat nominee at that point? >> dr. saphier: leslie, let's talk about kamala harris. in the primary she got zero delegates. tulsi gabbard got more delegates ended better fundraising than she did. has had some strong debates, but when it came to being a primary contender, she was in the way back of the pack, so why would democrat now want her to be the next president? >> leslie: they don't. people that i respected my party, president barack obama, who is saying, joe, stay in the race. gavin newsom, joe, stay in the race. senator john fetterman, joe, stay in the race. many others, hillary and bill clinton. you have to look at the numbers. first of all, i would agree with you. if joe biden were to step down,

9:46 pm

it would be the vice president become president, and she would become, you know, the candidate. and the numbers don't show that she would beat donald trump. the numbers still show that joe biden could be donald trump. this is why you hear republicans wanting him to get out because republicans want kamala to be number one on the ticket. there are many democrats that don't want her to be number one on the ticket. with all due respect to the vice president, she doesn't have as much popularity as president joe biden. >> dr. saphier: tyrus, the only person who polls worse than joe biden was going to be kamala harris bid >> tyrus: i thought you were going to say greg gutfeld. taking joe biden down memory lane. i go back to this again. i think everyone would be more comfortable if kamala was running because we know where the decisions would be coming from. who put all out all of this stuff about kamala being bad? you tell me she is worse than a

9:47 pm

senile man? no, she just doesn't pay paul like a senile old man. buyer's remorse comeau, we are in trouble, you don't field a tea team, lo and behold, we found out you are worse than "the wizard of oz" with the curtains, who are we going to pick? this is your team, run. this is why you tell your kids, no dei hires. the queen of dei, let her go, see what she's got. can't be worse than a guy who cannot remember what he is talking about. i'd bet on it. >> dr. saphier: going to see what happens. coming up, mark zuckerberg goes all out for the fourth. that video and more is coming up in "the fastest." ♪ ♪ ya know, if you were cashbacking you could earn on everything with just one card. chase freedom unlimited. so, if you're off the racking... ...or crab cracking, you're cashbacking. cashback on flapjacks, baby backs, or tacos at the taco shack. nah, i'm working on my six pack. switch to a king suite-

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9:49 pm

and wild places everywhere! from the mighty panda like me... to the clever fox, to the small red panda... and everyone in-between... even this guy... every kind of animal has a role to play in keeping the environment healthy. and that's why when we protect them and their habitats, we also protect our world. look, i know saving the world is kinda my thing, but it can be your thing too! you have the power to make a difference. now that's a cool move. find out all the things you can do to help by visiting world wildlife dot org.

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9:51 pm

♪ ♪ >> tyrus: welcome back. i was in disguise. kevin bacon spilled in a recent chat about going undercover in public, rocking fake teeth and a new nose. to pretend he was not famous. and spoiler alert: he hated it. he said "people were kind of pushing past me, not being nice. nobody said i love you.

9:52 pm

i had to wait in line to buy a effing coffee, i was like, this is sucks, i want to go back to being famous." doctor, do you have a medical opinion for being whiny, for being a whiny baby? >> dr. saphier: no, but this is so cringing commit hurts my soul. first of all, i like kevin bacon, great actor, great musician, married to his wife for 35 years, this is admirable. they make these videos online playing music and singing with their goats, hang out on your farm and start doing these stupid little, poor me, going i'm famous, i want to go back, i hate that. play music, play goats, keep posting. >> tyrus: just keep playing with the goats. you know a lot about camouflage. you served and you are an avid hunter, exceptional, world-class, some would say. i am part of the class who would say that. if he just turned his hat around, would we know who he is?

9:53 pm

did he need to go through all the prosthetics? >> johnny: kevin bacon's face is iconic. that's one of the things about him. you know exactly that's kevin bacon. for me, if i want to go out and be incognito, i just put pants on. who is that guy? he's got legs. also, when i read that come i haven't seen if it is a video, i haven't seen it, i read sarcasm, i thought he was being sarcastic. >> tyrus: i hope so. straight up, did you know this was me? >> lisa: all i know come as a boston girl, you've got the green tea. a few months ago, kevin bacon hosted the footloose dance video so many years ago and i said you should do it again. and he responded to me with my name, so you can dress anyway you want, complain, whatever, love you. >> tyrus: take us home. >> lisa: you almost had me, tyrus, with that. who is that guy standing in

9:54 pm

front of me? who is this man? "usa today" had an article like, kevin bacon talks about his time being a regular person, as if it is some horrific thing. i actually kind of appreciate the honesty in a weird way. honestly, it must be nice for everyone to grab your coffee, not have to stand in line. >> tyrus: it's really not. >> lisa: with or without the hat. >> tyrus: for some reason, i can't blend in. >> lisa: that's true, you are very recognizable. kevin bacon -- >> johnny: he is just a little fellow. >> tyrus: great actor. >> dr. saphier: is that a short duo? >> tyrus: you are a foot taller than dana. "one more thing" out next. ♪ ♪

9:55 pm

why do couples choose a sleep number smart bed? i need help with her snoring. sleep number does that. thank you. >> smart bed. i need help with their snoring. sleep number. doesur lowesason wit delive th. thank you. lowest prices of the season with free home delivery.

9:56 pm

when you had a basic sleep over smart bed starting at 999. learn more at sleep america. kit two helpings of gordon fox wednesday first. ready to become america's next master chef. >> the battle between generations. i'm a millennial. i'm not worried about a thing. classic gen x overachiever has begun. >> which generation is going to win it all? then ramsay and vanderpump are searching for the next big food star. >> good luck. i'd like to say good luck, but i'm alone. >> it's the summer's biggest battle. you're scared now? you're scared? no. wednesday. it's an all new food star is after a new master chef. generations on fox, 16 on fox. here in the heart of texas, with the game's biggest stars alive for the midsummer classic. say you want to be in. rock stars are everywhere. the mlb all-star game, july

9:57 pm

16th on fox. there are over 75 million monthly tube viewers. >> that's more people than there are babies in the u.s.. >> which means tube is more popular than locking eyes with someone while you your pants. chubby. it's more popular than babies on 26. first on the scene. 911. lone star returns this fall on fox dispatch. we have a problem stream. previous seasons now. this isn't the end. this is the opening act. i'm not 911 lone star season pre this fall in stream anytime on hulu. >> i'm not here to fire you up. if you're not already fired up, you shouldn't be in this room. if this victory isn't worthworl all you have to give, then leave. but nowiw, right now is your chance to be a part of a ha >>pp the world will remember forever. >> victory over cancer. >> victory over cancer. this victory happening. it isn't inevitable.

9:58 pm

what is? hope me. hope me. now is our tim >> your time. you may save someone you love. time is very precious. today's cancer research is tomorrow's victory. a victory that is there for a victory that is there for the taking grab it. i was there. now, that was a great half time speech. >> let's go win. don't give up. >> don't ever give up. just got a little better. we're still the go to for politics. breaking news. we've got so much more. sports, entertainment, lifestyle, bringing you the world. according to fox. >> all right. >> is that time for one more thing? tyrus, you're up. stilld. t -- ie it's still me.

9:59 pm

all right. pull on the loose. okaye to says. er every check out. i hate to say this, but it looks like people are getting stupider every day, man. check this guy out on hi os bicycle. . he decided it's a good idea to ride up on a raging bull on the loose. i cannot tell you how many times this happened to me in college. and the results were the same. look at that. and, okay, the big breaking news is one of america's i don't think are done, which is all of them. at ii've got a brand new what i. is comedy tour that's coming out starting in septembeto br. and we're going to be all over the united states and .it's already selling out. so get your tickets today and some of the fun cities we'r e going to be in. and our states will be oregon, idaho, wyoming, illinois's illin waters is here to correct me. and we're all over the place. o thall right. me listen, if you come back to the town i live in again and don't tell me will be upset. >> i will. after the photo of your swing. trump that what you got?r i can't wait to check that out. so i'm super excited. my best friend, norma froman crystal ball west, texas, she and her family came to visit me and my family here for the 4th

10:00 pm

of july weekend. we did an american history toujo today. fr went to the statue of liberty, the intrepid freedom tower, and all throughout new york city. that's them. colby norm judson, casstin, kae. had i'm so happy to have them here. and god bless america. happppy birthday.alke >> god bless america. that was your posse that while you didn't. >> listen, we've gotey some really cool footage here of some of some police k-9, og some sheriff's canines playing catch with some hot dogs and enjoying their 4th of july. check this out. some of them are more agil aee and have more coordination than the others, but that's just an awesome video. thio cute, right? emplo this woman just loved everywors employee's worst nightmare. she hopped on a plane, she called out sick. guess who was on the planeck? >> her boss. oh, leslie. >> sorry. impressive. >> have a great weekend. oh, okay

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