Pisces Monthly Horoscope: July 2024 Career, Love... by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle (2024)

Pisces Monthly Horoscope July 2024

by The AstroTwins

Come out and play, Pisces! Last month, you focused a lot of energy on home and family. Now it’s time for your own desires to take precedence. July starts with an invitation to inject a dose of passion and fun into everything you do. It’s time to cut loose for summertime fun! Your sign loves all things aquatic, so think about tubing down a river, splashing in the ocean or preening poolside in one of your otherworldly, fantastical looks.

Under these flirtatious skies, summer romance heats up. You might also feel an irrepressible urge to express your creativity, putting a bold stamp on everything. Unleash your inner artiste and treat the world like your canvas, from your OOD to sharing your visual art and high musical taste. Whether you compose or perform or DJ or just create a soul-stirring playlist, the point is to express yourself fully, regardless of the muse or the medium.

Take advantage of this burst of creativity as the July 5 Cancer new moon kicks off a fresh six-month cycle for your love life and passion projects. Since the fifth house also rules fertility, some Fish could have, er, a guppie in the making between now and the January 2025 Cancer full moon. Consider yourself notified! A summer romance might captivate you. Don’t worry right now about where it’s going—just enjoy getting lost in the revelry of the moment.

Feel like slipping off the grid for some #MermaidLife this summer? In sync with the Cancer new moon, your ruling planet Neptune starts its annual five-month retrograde on July 2, joining Saturn and Neptune in the outer planet retrograde brigade. Between now and December 7, duck out of the spotlight and spend a little less time always being Instagram-ready. Even as you dress up during Cancer season, make sure YOU feel comfortable in what you wear and the places you go.

With Neptune reversing through your first house of appearances, you might have a little confidence wobble, or, best-case scenario, you'll be refreshingly unconcerned with what people think of you. Since Neptune can muddle messages, be careful what you put out in public, whether it's a social media post or something you say aloud. You could easily be misconstrued now. Craving a style overhaul? Play with possible looks before committing to an extreme makeover—you can save that for when Neptune goes direct (forward) later in December.

Neptune’s retrograde can roll back the insulating fog you usually find solace hiding behind, Pisces—those oversized rose-colored sunglasses might be starting to show some cracks. Don’t fret! Neptune’s backspin through your self-focused first house is here to help you see things for what they are rather than through an idealized filter. Under Neptune’s hazy cloud, you might feel like a passive player in your life, getting swept up in the current of someone else’s fantasy. This retrograde period offers the clarity you need to pave the path to your own wildly imaginative dreams. (Take a cue from Chappell Roan, the quirky Midwestern Pisces pop princess who’s currently on a star-making tour this summer.)

It won’t be easy to steal time away from the masses as go-getter Mars trots through pleasure-loving Taurus and your social third house until July 20. You’ll be immersed in a frenzy of local action—from block parties to restaurant soft openings. Don’t fight it, Fish. Go make waves in your area code! Since the third house rules neighborhoods, take-action Mars might find you considering an upgrade to your current living situation. Undecided about where to look? Take a leisurely stroll through a desired part of town for some creative visualization and manifesting mojo.

In addition to being super-busy with your events calendar, you’ve got something important to say right now. On July 15, headstrong Mars and radical Uranus will make a rare summit in Taurus and your third house of communication. This planetary convergence echoes back to August 2022, the last time motivated Mars and disruptor Uranus connected in Taurus. Uranus has been plodding through your third house of communication and ideas for the last few years (it’s in Taurus from 2018 to 2026), unearthing your true desires and helping you communicate them more directly.

Under this combustible Mars-Uranus cosmic co*cktail, one of your cutting-edge ideas could gain traction, possibly from out of the blue. You might be invited to partner up with someone who “thinks different,” or you may get an offer to write, speak or teach. Pisces with a powerful message could have an unexpected chance to share it—and maybe go viral since Uranus rules the internet! Sidenote: Conversations between siblings could also become more intense.

Just put a little thought into the impact of your words now as you could be argumentative and confrontational. You may not realize you’re coming across like that, so check in with your conversation partner. While being provocative is okay up to a point, during this ultra-sensitive transit, you want to make sure you’re sharing an inclusive and empowering message. No need to intentionally alienate anyone, Pisces. Lift people up instead of dragging them down to the ocean floor.

And let the good times roll because on July 21, the Capricorn full moon illuminates your eleventh house of groups and friendships for the second time this summer as part of a rare back-to-back full moon duo. Get out and network, meet up for a big group dinner, launch a viral message on social media. A collaboration you’ve been working on all year could reach an important turning point. Hello, trailblazing influencer! You could be recognized for your do-gooding, or you might be inspired to get involved in an important social cause. (Take your pick—the list is long these days.)

Since the eleventh house rules the future, you might also have realizations about your current line of work, specifically whether your passions align with your purpose. Do you want to inject more creativity into your career? Naturally ambitious, this full moon can have you thinking about next steps in the midst of your celebrations. It’s ok to enjoy the present moment after a hard-earned win!

Fair warning: The full moon could stir up a ton of feelings. Abrasive Mars moved into communicative Gemini on July 20 and formed a powerful 120-degree trine to shadowy Pluto immediately after—a testy backdrop to this full moon. While emotions could get heated (drama alert!), you'll be able to speak your truth now, especially with overbearing friends and contentious colleagues. But careful, Pisces: Seemingly innocent jokes can trigger an explosive blowout in the blink of an eye. While it might be easy to respond with a below-the-belt jab, take a breath before you respond. It’s not worth blowing the house down over nothing.

The next day, July 22, the Sun moves into Leo and your sixth house of health, organization and work. It’s cleanup time in Aisle Pisces. After a decadent Cancer season, you’re ready for a belated summer glow-up, swapping out the “bad” food and drinks for mocktails, fresh summer produce and regular workouts. Hydrate like the Fish you are and schedule those overdue checkups.

The sixth house also rules employees and helpful people. Hire a specialist or service provider to assist you in knocking out your to-do list. From hiring a TaskRabbit-type to build your bookshelves to getting professional advice on retirement planning, your mission is to replace clutter and chaos with clarity.

Before you dive into your task list headfirst, pause. On July 23, the Sun makes its annual opposition to calculating Pluto, which is in Aquarius and your twelfth house of hidden agendas, healing and closure. Control issues and stress can hit a breaking point. You may want to throw in the towel, or you could feel like despite your best efforts to play by the rules, you simply can't win with them.

Is there some subtext that you're just not getting? Buried resentment could reach a boiling point, welling up into a volcanic verbal attack. People are prone to projecting their hostilities today, so duck for cover—and be careful not to lash out yourself. Some Pisces could have a realization about their long-standing friend groups. This is your cue to prioritize or draw better boundaries moving forward.

After your breakout (or blow-up), life starts to stabilize. For the rest of Leo season, focus on your well-being and streamlining and systematizing any loose ends. Which part of your life needs a tune-up or an upgrade? Concentrate on that.

Your finances will also get a refresh as wounded healer Chiron turns retrograde in your second house of material resources on July 26. We all have some kind of “money issues,” and your scarcity worries can actually shine a light on where you lack security or trust. For example, do you believe that the universe will provide the right opportunities for you, or are you constantly afraid that the other shoe is about to drop?

Reflect on some of your early memories; these play a huge role in formulating limiting beliefs. Working with a financial planner or money coach can get your bank account in fighting shape by December 29. You can also download a helpful tracking app, but remember, the psychological and mindset shifts you make are what drive the bigger breakthroughs.

Chiron’s retrograde through your resourceful second house could also have you identifying a skill set that might need polishing to advance in your career. Try to take an objective look here, staying rooted in humility rather than perfectionism. The bar probably isn’t nearly as high as you fear it is.

Since the second house governs our self-worth (in addition to our net worth), Chiron’s backspin could prompt you to get more training and certification to boost your confidence. This also aligns perfectly with Leo season’s sixth-house emphasis on practical matters. The market is changing dramatically, Pisces, especially with the advent of AI. It will be powerful for you to feel like you’re keeping up rather than falling behind. You’ve got this!

Pisces Monthly Horoscope: July 2024 Career, Love... by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle (2024)


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