Drawing Lessons: Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorials Teach You How to Make Your Own Cool Drawings — Art is Fun (2024)

These fun drawing lessons will teach you how to draw step-by-step! Here you'll find drawing tutorials for every skill level, from beginner to advanced.

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Step by Step Drawing Lessons

How to Draw a Cat

Learn how to draw a cat! This drawing lesson shows you how to draw cute cosmic cats that are filled with colorful psychedelic designs. There are no rules, so let your imagination run wild!

Draw a Photorealistic Marble

Learn how to draw a photorealistic marble in this step by step colored pencil drawing lesson! I'll walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to create a realistic drawing of a marble in colored pencils.

How to Draw a Mandala

Learn how to create a mandala! This drawing tutorial shows you how to create your own mandalas, step by step. Although it looks complicated, it's quite easy! Grab your pencil and paper and let’s get started!

How to Draw a Rose

Learn how to draw a rose in this step by step drawing tutorial, using materials you can find around your house. This tutorial includes tips and techniques for making you own realistic rose pencil drawings.

How to Draw an Owl

Learn how to draw an owl in this fun, easy step-by-step drawing lesson! Draw a cute owl filled with colorful shapes and patterns. This is a fun drawing lesson for beginners of all ages!

How to Draw a Puppy

Learn how to draw a puppy! This drawing tutorial shows you how to draw puppies based on your own photographs, with techniques that are helpful when creating realistic drawings.

How to Draw Skulls

Learn how to draw skulls! These easy drawing tutorials demonstrate 9 different ways to draw skulls. These skull drawing tutorials are perfect for Halloween or Day of the Dead. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper, and you’re ready to start drawing skulls!

Henna Hand Designs

Learn how to create a unique self-portrait by drawing detailed patterns on an outline of your hand! This fun Henna Hand Designs drawing lesson is based on a form of temporary body art in India and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

How to Draw Paisley

Learn how to draw paisley in this easy step-by-step lesson! Explore your creativity to fill your paisley with unique patterns and designs. Get inspired!

Cute Doodle Monsters

Learn how to draw cute doodle monsters! This fun easy lesson show you how to turn simple doodles into whimsical monsters.

How to Make Patterns

Learn how to draw patterns step by step! This easy drawing tutorial shows you how to make 4 different abstract patterns, and explains how to draw your own patterns off the top of your head.

How to Draw Cute Snails

Learn how to draw cute snails in this fun drawing tutorial! I’ll show you step-by-step how to draw the snail outline, add groovy patterns, and embellish with flowers or a hat!

Create a Mind Map

Learn how to create a mind map! Mind maps are useful for organizing your thoughts and visualizing your goals. This mind map lesson demonstrates one technique for mind mapping.

Learn to Draw Course

Check out my in-depth review of the Let’s Draw Course! You’ll learn how to draw landscapes, animals, and still-lifes in a step-by-step manner from experienced instructors via video lessons and ebooks.

Drawing Techniques

Brush up your drawing skills with these drawing lessons that explain specific drawing techniques:

Colored Pencil Instruction

Colored Pencil Instruction: Learn about 5 basic colored pencil techniques that will be useful when creating colored pencil art.

Creating Value

Learn about 5 basic techniques for creating value in pen and ink drawings.

Realistic Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques

Discover the realistic colored pencil drawing techniques that I used to create this vibrant rainbow rose! You can also watch a video to see how this colored pencil artwork progressed from start to finish, as I share my best tips and techniques for drawing realism with colored pencils.

Coloring Lessons

Frog Colored Pencil Tutorial

This detailed frog colored pencil tutorial walks you step-by-step through the process of coloring in this whimsical nature scene filled with flowers, mushrooms, insects and of course, two cute frogs!

Wizard Cat Course

Learn how to color in this kawaii cat step-by-step in my Wizard Cat Alcohol Markers course! With over 3 hours of fully-narrated video instruction, you can print out the line art and follow along using Ohuhu, Copic, or any other brand of alcohol markers!

Whimsical Portrait Lesson

Learn how to color in this cute portrait step-by-step! This fun alcohol marker portrait lesson is perfect for people who love whimsy. Learn to use alcohol markers to create charming works of art!

Unicorn Coloring Tutorial

In this Unicorn Coloring Page Tutorial I’ll show you how I colored this Christmas unicorn from my Holiday Cheer Coloring Book, including the specific brands and colors that I used!

Alcohol Markers Course

My Ultimate Guide to Using Alcohol Markers contains 11+ hours of step-by-step instructional video and 50+ downloadable resources that will take you from all the way from beginner to advanced! Learn how to create art with alcohol markers in my fun online art class!

Groovy Poodle Lesson

Learn how to color in this groovy poodle using bright, vibrant blends! This easy alcohol marker tutorial walks you step-by-step through the process of coloring in this whimsical artwork.

Free Coloring Course

This Free Coloring Course consists of 90 minutes of step-by-step instructional video to teach you how to color this luminescent butterfly! Printable line art is included with a detailed Coloring Supplies list, so you can follow along at home!

Sketchbook Assignment

Drawing Lessons: Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorials Teach You How to Make Your Own Cool Drawings — Art is Fun (25)

Learn how to keep a daily visual diary in this easy sketchbook assignment!

If you normally draw with pencil but you would like to start using other drawing media, expand your horizons by checking out these sections on colored pencil art and pen and ink drawings!

Video Lessons

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Drawing Lessons: Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorials Teach You How to Make Your Own Cool Drawings — Art is Fun (47)

Drawing Lessons: Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorials Teach You How to Make Your Own Cool Drawings — Art is Fun (2024)


What should a 9 year old draw? ›

Drawing Projects
  • drawing feathers. Feathers are the perfect medium to explore mark making and experimentation.
  • drawing toys inspired by Gwen John. Make drawings of pupils favourite toys.
  • communal drawing. Explore what it's like to draw on fabric and make a communal drawing.
  • life drawing for children.

Where can I learn art for free? ›

Here are our top picks
Course HighlightWorkload
Best Free Manga Drawing Course (Whyt Manga)2-3 hours
Best Free Caricature Drawing Course (Proko)8 hours
Best Free Cartoon Drawing Course for Kids (Udemy)2 hours
Best Intro to Freehand Drawing for Architecture, Interiors and Design (University for the Creative Arts)6 hours
7 more rows

At what age do kids stop drawing? ›

This is often referred to in technical terms as the “drawing crisis.” “It usually begins some time during adolescence, but we see that the crisis is occurring in progressively younger children," says Professor Ingeborg Stana. "Some children stop drawing when they are around the age of nine or ten.”

Can you self learn art? ›

If you're like me and have asked yourself if it's possible to become a professional concept artist without attending any school that could teach you all the techniques and what you need to do in that job, the answer is: Yes.

What is the best free art program? ›

8 Best Free Drawing Apps
  • Sketchbook. Despite being free, SketchBook by Autodesk offers a surprisingly robust feature set for artists on the go. ...
  • Procreate. While not completely free, Procreate offers exceptional value. ...
  • Krita. ...
  • GIMP. ...
  • Medibang. ...
  • Inkscape. ...
  • FireAlpaca. ...
  • MyPaint.
Apr 12, 2024

Who to draw a boy? ›

To draw a boy, start by drawing a small circle with a tail line, like a balloon with a string. Inside the circle, draw a cross section to help mark where the facial features will go. Next, sketch out the arms and legs with basic lines to start, and add small circles indicating each joint in the body.

At what age should a child be able to draw a stick figure? ›

Around 3 ½ years old, the child begins drawing stick figures: A circle represents the head, to which they add some eyes. Arms, represented by horizontal lines, are extended from each side of this head. Legs, represented by vertical lines, are attached at the bottom of the head.

What should my child be able to draw? ›

By 2½ years, your child will start to draw people that resemble a tadpole/amoeba - with arms and/or legs attached directly to the face. The face may not have any features. By 3 years, your child will add features e.g. eyes and mouth. It is not until after the age of 4 that your child may start to draw a separate body.

What should a tween draw? ›

Ambitious tweens can use colored pencils, markers, or paint to further complete their drawing, if desired. Object suggestions include toy animals, dolls, and blocks. Other household items that cast interesting shadows (think jars, candleholders, utensils) may provide a fun introduction into creating abstract art.


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